An innocent thing happened to our adds in the Thrifty Nickel (A free sales paper stocked full of things you can't even comprehend) Several years ago the shop ran picture adds to bring in clientele... It worked... for a while.... But, how can you hype someone up about a place when you don't tell them about yourself? Line ads are the way to go.. Selling made easy with words. Hopefully we've made you a part of our own little world, one you can feel comfortable coming to. Read about us weekly in the Thrifty Nickel.


These ads are for a local newspaper called the Octopus. The ideas for the ads are all geared to the papers' spiritual mood. In other words we were shooting for a "non-ad" ad. We want people to look at the ad and take something meaningful away with them. Hopefully they will also take away the name of the store! Take a peek and click on the thumbnails for a larger version.