These are the shops' resident bonsai trees. Sunlight, air, water and the groovin' tunes of Champaigns WEFT 90.1 help these facinating creatures stay alive. Sorry folks but these little guys are not for sale.

Although this looks like something from a cheesy sci-fi flic it's actually one of the critters that inhabits the shops' plant room. You are looking at one of the brief moments in the life of an amerilis bloom.

Tang is the correct terminology for this fish... He shares a 70 gallon water world with other groovy sea dwellers but Sunny is polite and doesn't hog all the space.

This WAS our pet tarantula Ozzy. A gift from a good friend this spider was an adopted first for our shop. Unfortunately he is no longer with us.

Hank is not a dummy... He's a manequin. A military man of sorts. One could say that he's like the Ken and Barbi of adulthood.. (We dress him up. Of course he doesn't have much to say in the matter.

This is the great pumkin. He's always dressed for the occassion. Every holiday he's required to be decorated in the appropriate holiday spirit. His facial expression could explain alot.