As simple as it sounds, cash loans. In the pawn business, the loans are against your collateral. What's collateral? Let's say for instance you have a need for some quick cash, and the bank won't give you any money… no need for panic, that's why we're here. First you'll have to determine how much money will help you. Next, you need to find something of value that you can temporarily live without and, that you are the sole owner of. If you're not sure if we'll take it, because there are some things we just don't take, sorry, anyway give us a call, we'd love to help out. Ok, here is how the loan process works: First you establish the amount you want, we will then decide if we can loan you that amount. Once an amount is agreed on, you are required to have a photo ID, such as a driver's license. We will then complete a loan ticket with you're information and the information of the item(s) you have presented, which you will autograph and be given a carbon copy receipt for your records. Now, how do you redeem your stuff? With cash and a photo ID. All loans are charged 20% per 30 day period, and interest payments can be made for 30-day extensions. Plus, loans are strictly confidential. In the event you cannot pick up your items or choose not to within 60 days, and no interest extensions have been made, your items are pulled out of pawn and put out for sale. Phew ….out…. …..of….breath….


Just like the sign says….Buys. Yes, it's true, the same items that come through the door for collateral are often, point blank, sold for hard cash! Although, most buys are not likely to bring you more money than a loan. Now, like our loans, each buy is treated individually as each case is different and are of the utmost quality. Of course if it's really, really cool, then we just gotta have it!!!


Ah yes, trades. This is probably one of the best aspects in the world of pawn shops. Basically, you see something we have for sale, or maybe not for sale, yet you are just short of having enough cash to buy it. So what do you do? You remember that "thing" that you bought back in 1972, or maybe you inherited something you'll never use….who knows where you got, the fact is, it may be worth something! Tell ya what…Let's trade.


Well, you've probably made it this far, and as you can imagine from what you have already read, we have a vast variety of new items in each of our departments and an even wider selection of great second hand merchandise. Now, fortunately for you, our valued potential customer, we offer these forms of payment; cash, personal check, charge/debit cards, did we mention cash? …anyway, you get the point. Lastly, our staff may look peculiar, but be assured, they're ok, so don't be afraid to ask for assistance. Any questions?