Guns. The 2nd amendment, but enough about politics. What better place to witness the finest selection of new and pre-owned firearms? No other. You can expect a full line of hand and long guns by all the major firearm makes and models. Colt, Remington, Mossberg, Ruger, etc. etc. Also, we carry guns from manufacturers "off the beaten path." So, what else can we provide? A full line of accessories perhaps? Hard to find ammunition? Magazines? Holsters? Cleaning Kits? Long gun Cases? ….that and more! We know something about what we sell. It's our right.


Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. You don't have to be a gun nut to enjoy the fine relaxing taste of a cigar, plain and simple. Just like every person on this planet is different, the cigar will remain individual. We stock some of the finest names in cigars and hope to continue catering to our aficionados. If you're a real cigar nut, we stock humidors and other accessories, plus special orders too!


Well, you came to a pawn shop to see "pawn shop things", and you're browsing the gun room. Great place to start, but something about it brings you closer… all the firearms are laid out in a typical manner yet the surroundings are a nostalgic jog back to warm memories. A museum of ivory and Indian artifacts, which are sometimes bought, and other times for trade. Tons of interesting coins, fish lures, knives and the boss' specialty, Japanese swords! Perhaps you should turn your stuff into money or trade for something new, different or exciting. Lastly, there's Hank. He is our resident military mannequin watch guard. A man of infinite wisdom and nothing to say about it. Anyway, have a look around, don't be shy.


So there you have it… all the information you'll need short of making a personal visit. You've learned that we carry a wide variety of firearms, cigars and their accessories. Don't forget visual stimulation, because there was no cover charge. Anyway, now for the fun part. We accept cash, check, charge, and sometimes trades. By law, you are required to present a valid Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID) on any firearm and/or accessory purchase. (some states may vary). Thanks for giving us a shot!