The Main Room. Everything we have come to love has to have that center ringmaster. A movie will have a main character or plot. A meal will have its very own main dish, and it's very likely that you have a main something or other in your life, right? Hence, The Main Room. Here you will find the information center of The Pawn Shop. Everything from cash loans, buys, trades, and of course, SALES! You can take your time gazing at our 75 gallon water world with exotic creatures hiding amongst the coral. Or, perhaps you would prefer a moment of zen… Be one with the world while you pass by Pat's Bonsai Hut. As an added bonus, you'll witness a nostalgic, yet modern and unique atmosphere where you can relax and take your time. Feel free to direct any questions toward our team of self proclaimed expert-employees whom are always at your service. Don't forget to say hello to our mischievous mascot cat, Re-Run. Want to learn more about this slice of new and used heaven? Read on….read on I say…


Plug it in, turn it up, flip the channel, conquer the world and document the whole event! Your friends and family will envy you after they hear your low priced, high quality stereo system and be sure to show them your compact disc and movie selection. Feel like really bragging? Show them all the record albums you bought! So now you're really driving them crazy and they're sure to insist on watching your home movies that you recorded on a "pawn shop" video camcorder (instead of the pictures you took on that 35mm SLR camera, which also came from here). All you can do is enlighten them on where to get their own TV, VCR, stereo, camcorder, cameras, video game gear, CD's & movies and the rest is…shhhhh, did you hear that? It was the sound of money being saved.


Whoever said you had to be mechanically inclined to use a tool was wrong. If you have a job to do, we probably have the tool(s)! Everything from drills and drill bits, to air compressors and nail guns! We stock mostly American brand name equipment, but also cater to the needs of the not so "John Handy" customers with a "bit" of off brand tools as well. One thing is for sure, you won't go broke trying to fix it when you buy it here!


The hidden treasures are all the things you love to unbury within The Pawn Shop. The odd and collectible and the antique eye catchers, like these gems… Van Briggle, wall clocks and pocket watches, occupational hats, antique dolls and toys, and much, much more! Of course you'll find some normal treasures like leather jackets, neon signs, billiard supplies, golf clubs, gold and diamond jewelry and an occasional vacuum sweeper. So be adventurous, go on a pawn shop treasure hunt today!