……….Music. What is the first thing you think of when you hear that word? Close your eyes and imagine the smooth sound of a saxophone or the first strum on a freshly tuned acoustic guitar. When an instrument talks, people are speechless. You love music. You listen to it, sing to it, dance to it, breathe it, live by it, and now you want to play an instrument. But let's face it, not everyone can start out as a prodigy. I'm living proof. Anyway, moving right along…don't you just love going into a music shop you've never been to before? Problem is, musical equipment can be costly. How do these retailers expect anybody to learn?!!? Sure, you can get some brand name guitar with a limited warranty and pay full list price…(ouch!), but why would ya? Sometimes the best solution for times like these is to think "grand on a small scale". What does that mean exactly? Well, we have been known to carry most all of the biggest names out there from Gibson, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Ludwig, Zildjan, to all the other beginner style, yet quality instruments. Plus, we stand behind what we sell. Ok, ok….let me finish up, because you didn't come here to read a story…tons of new and used music gear at great prices, many forms of payment (trades welcome), and no salesman hassles from the overly attractive employees. What more can you ask for? Check out our local music selection, it's small but growing …meanwhile, support your local music scene. Oh, and by the way, my name is John, let me know if I can show you something today.